Lab Meetings

Wednesday 12-1:30


1/10: New Years kick off, resolutions & goals- come to lab meeting with at least one personal and one lab team resolution or goal and a one way in which you/we can implement this

1/17: Lab team building lunch

1/24: Team Habit

1/31: no meet

2/7: Winter Brain Debrief, Team Action

2/14:  Team dopamine

2/21: Team action

2/28: Team habit

3/6: No meet

3/13: Women in Neuroscience

3/20:  Meeting on meetings

3/27: no meet

4/3: Team dopamine Cue-Reward: Kathia, Ana

4/10: Bring your favorite statistical test

4/17: Team Habit: Melissa (paper outline) Jackie

4/24: no meet

5/1: Wassum lab team building: core competencies & training protocols 

5/8: Team dopamine A-O/Habit: Kelle, Ashley

5/15: DEI, antiracism, allyship

5/22: Tips, tricks, & trips for Wassum Lab behavior

5/29: Team : Nick, any undergrad who would like to present

6/5: End of year/start of summer fun- bake off? 

6/12: no meet

6/19: holiday

6/26: JClub Blitz: Recent dopamine papers- what does dopamine do?

7/3: holiday?

7/10: Team dopamine Cue-Reward: Kathia, Ana

7/17: JClub Blitz: Peter Holland papers

7/24: Team Habit: Melissa Jackie

7/31: Jclub Blitz: Amygdala papers

8/7: no meet

8/14: Team dopamine A-O/Habit: Ashley

8/21: Bring your favorite new behavior

8/28: Team : Nick, any undergrad who would like to present

9/4: DEI, antiracism, allyship

9/11: Jclub Blitz: Striatum papers

9/18: tentative no meet

9/25: no meet